Exploring the Outskirts of 3D Art

Yanis Georges is an artist from London creating unique 3D works of art. Yanis combines abstract and hyper-realistic methods to achieve incredible detail and beauty in objects no one has ever seen before.

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Stretching The Boundaries of Furniture Design

Stretched like a digital glitch, these distorted chairs by Dutch artist Sebastian Brajkovic appear more like a product of Photoshop than a physical object. Continue reading

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The Art of Japanese Manholes

Take a Tour of a Japanese Manhole Factory Where Neighborhoods Create Their Own Designs. Continue reading

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The Amazing Art of Dirty Cars

Dirty car owners find their cars “Vandalized” with amazing drawings where one person sees a dirty car, the other one sees a blank canvas. Continue reading

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Pablo Picasso’s Recreated Into Modern 3D Visuals

MIMIC is a series of new visual experiments using art from the past. In this project 6 paintings from the Pablo Picasso’s work have been recreated into modern 3D visuals.

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Blooming Flower Cakes Are The Sweetest Way To Celebrate Spring

Spring is here, and it not only looks good but tastes amazing as well! To prove this, pastry chefs from all over the place have gone online to share their food art in the form of blooming flower buttercream cakes!

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Surrealist Sculptures Merge Plant and Animal Life

Artist Ellen Jewett refers to her sculptural work as “natural history surrealist sculpture,” a blend of plants, animals, and occasionally human-made structures or objects.

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Behind The Book Cover

The guys at the Librairie Mollat, a bookshop in France, have been gathering quite a bit of attention lately thanks to their awesome photo series, in which they match readers with their book covers.

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The Art of Toilet Paper Rolls

French paper artist Junior Fritz Jacquet created this fantastic series of weird masks made from toilet paper rolls. Inspired by the craft of origami, each mask is made from a single paper roll which is folded and squished into an expressive face.

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Unseen Tokyo Storefronts In Watercolor

Tokyo has earned the name of one of the most futuristic cities in the world with its otherworldly architecture and nightly neon glow. But Polish illustrator and digital designer Mateusz Urbanowicz has seen a different face of the city and has decided to share it through a watercolor painting series of the Tokyo storefronts.

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